About us

Over the years, the experienced colleagues in Swiss Group International (SGI) have developed into an enthusiastic and dedicated team.

Swiss Group International (SGI) is provision of commercial charter flights from EU countries to the Middle East, CIS and Africa.

With our international network of partners and airlines, SGI is in a prime position to offer the most effective and economical aircraft types including turboprop, middle- and long-distance aircrafts based on capacity requirements, airport costs, required destinations and route planning.

    Broad and extensive network of airline partners worldwide

    This broad and extensive network of airline partners worldwide gives us the opportunity to offer you with the best possible market prices and services, even at short-notice.

    Thus, we guarantee the perfect planning and implementation of your special flight wishes.

    Our international team is committed 24/7 to all your needs and challenges

    • We are very flexible to special requests and last-minute changes. It does not matter whether it is a private aircraft or a charter flight. 
    • In case of unforeseeable events such as technical or weather-related irregularities, we are flexible and professional enough to deal with the challenges.

    Swiss Group International pays particular attention to the strictest compliance with the regulations prescribed by the aviation authorities

    The team will take care of all your documentation, including applications to civil aviation authorities and for overflight and landing permits, as well as other inquiries such as catering and hotel accommodation.

    Swiss Group International always appreciates your feedback concerning the services provided and will be glad to receive your further flight requests. We are constantly working to offer you the best services at competitive prices and to improve our service to you.

    Swiss Group International provides commercial passenger charters for a wide variety of purposes

    • Consolidation Charter Flights / Split Charter and Ticket sales
    • Corporate Groups / Incentive Flights
    • Special Groups / MICE Flights
    • International Tourism / Holiday Charter
    • Government Transportation / Military Flights
    • Material Air Transportation / Cargo Flights

    Swiss Group International – Representative of Sky Vision Airlines and Star East Airline

    SGI is the official EU representative of Star East Airline, founded in 2016 based in Romania.

    SGI is the official EU representative of Sky Vision Airlines, founded in 2022 and based in Egypt.

    In 2022, the first commercial charterflights for the European market will be operated on behalf of Swiss Group International SGI AG.