With our global network, we are in a unique position to offer complete business flight solutions - this includes: 

  • Aircraft long term/short term wet lease
  • Aircraft dry lease
  • aircraft sales
  • Provision and financing of the aircraft

One of Swiss Group International most sought-after activities is to work out the best contracts for the customers. With our support we can order replacement aircraft and/or suitable aircraft according to the needs related to the specific contract requirements. We are able to arrange replacement Aircraft in case of AOG and obtain the necessary permits and provide our customers with handling, fuel, crew and passenger services (meals, transportation and accommodation).

Do you want to sell or rent out your aircraft?
We have various options to support you. You can also place a sales advertising online. You will receive inquiries from interested parties free of charge.

To achieve most cost-effective and best fit for the respective project, Swiss Group International Team provide our customers with the necessary statistics and analysis without any additional costs.