Cessna Sovereign Citation 680

The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a twin-engine business jet from the American aircraft manufacturer Cessna and belongs to the Citation family of aircraft. The Citation Sovereign is currently Cessna's second largest jet after the Cessna Citation X.  A pressurized cabin accommodates a crew of two plus eight to twelve passengers ( nine is standard) . 

The interior of the Citation Sovereign 680 has been designed for maximum comfort over long distances. It offers a variety of different seat variations according to the number of passengers. All passenger seats are equipped with seat belts. The life jackets are located nearby and are easily accessible from all seats.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign 680 is equipped and certified for medical evacuation ( medevac ) with a LifePort dual patient system . A pressurized cabin accommodates a crew of 2 and allows the transport of up to 2 patients and their companions.  


Model: 2006, 2007, 2008  

Max. number of seats: 10 VIP seats  

Range: 2,679 nm (4,962 km)  


Model: 2006, 2007, 2008  

Max number of seats: 4 seats  

Max Number of Patients: 2 patients