General Sales Agent

As a General Sales Agent (GSA), Swiss Group International provides services and customer-specific solutions for airlines. These include efficient marketing tools, proactive sales methods, opening new markets and other personalized services according to individual requirements. The aim is to increase public awareness of airline services and the expansion of the flight business, considering the passenger needs.

As a GSA, the Swiss Group International offers the following services based on many years of experience and in-depth market knowledge of all aspects of air traffic:

  • Maximize profitability and productivity by implementing coordinated business strategies, taking into account each airline's principles. Development, implementation, and management of marketing plans in line with the relevant company strategies. 
  • Precise and continuous market observation by following the activities of the competition. Recommending necessary changes in business strategy, sales and marketing activities to ensure long-term growth.
  • Continuous improvement of business processes, systems and technology to ensure the represented airline's objectives are met in the most productive manner.
  • Maintaining and improving airlines' products and customer service standards, aiming to meet and exceed respective requirements.
  • Arranging, implementing and managing various legal requirements, aviation documentation and applications, native language correspondence with passengers, airport handling, passenger services, reservations and services, and flight surveillance.